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OJ Da Juiceman Feat. Gunplay – “I Sell” Video

By 07.11.12

The other day while minding my own business looking for furniture for my new apartment, one of the workers says, “Say bruh, anyone ever tell you you kinda look like OJ Da Juiceman?” Seeing as how Jewman and I sport both the same short cut, hat and drug dealing past*, all I could do was laugh it off and simply respond, “Nahh, that’s a new one.”

The real Juiceman, however, looks to be moving forward with his career resurgence after inexplicably being ghost for what seemed like months. Or maybe there was a reason and I’ve been living under a rock. Regardless, he and MMG-goon-on-the-rise, Gunplay, liberate the visuals for their collabo, “I Sell.” The title and song’s two participants should tell you all that needs to be said. Yet, it is highly entertaining to see Gunplay’s name gain more and more steam over the past year it seems. “Rollin'” should’ve been a bigger hit and here’s to him never abandoning the greatness that is “Yams.”

Now watch my new video.

* – Me, not so much


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