Uncle Murda – “Who Da G.O.A.T. (Jay-Z Vs. Biggie)”

By: 07.28.12

Uncle Murda’s never been marked as a deeply philosophical cat. Not that he’s an idiot either but, with a name like Murda, WYSIWYG has always been the case. What he is as a rapper is an accurate storyteller, one who can stay on topic from a song’s beginning to its end. With “Who Da G.O.A.T.,” the BK wiseguy picks up the barbershop debate of “what if Big hadn’t died, where would Jay be?” and runs down all the different hypothetical scenarios. The question has a lot of answers but only one’s concrete: “Brooklyn would’ve won either way.”

Not for nothing, but remember when Murda tried to switch his steez to “Uncle M” in an effort to be more marketable? Abandoned ship real quick with that, a lot like other cats who tried to re-brand to distance themselves from early names that indicated violence. In fact, just about the only two artists I can immediately think of who successfully woo’ed us in to called them something other than their original stage name would be Andre 3000 and Puffy, the man of a million different nametags.

Uncle Murda – “Who Da G.O.A.T. (Jay-Z Vs. Biggie)”

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