Local To Global: Nine Homegrown Hip-Hop Crews

By: 08.07.12


Members: 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo & DJ Whoo Kid

Legacy: Sure, three of the four members might be considered co-stars to the one-man media circus Curtis has become. However, the Southside Jamaica, Queens, crew are another prime example of a hometown Hip-Hop clique’s rise and fall. When they legitimized mixtapes and set a budding internet rap culture on fire, these tough guys-turned-hitmakers were on top of the world. But, by the time the Unit gripped rap by the throat, they ended up going the No Limit route and spread themselves too thin. However, thanks to a couple hefty handshakes with Reebok and Vitamin Water, 50 Cent and his brothers in rhyme still pop up occasionally, pleasing their few leftover die-hards.

Highlights: G-Unit – “Bad News,” 50 Cent Feat. Lloyd Banks & Eminem – “Don’t Push Me,” Tony Yayo Feat. 50 Cent & Lloyd Banks – “I Know You Don’t Love Me” & G-Unit – “Poppin Them Thangs”

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