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By / 08.11.12

God-willing this be years and years in the future, but whenever Oprah checks into that big NBC studio in the sky, she’ll be able stake claim that she – like Larry King – will have had the opportunity to speak with pretty much every important figure of the past 30 years. Airing August 19 on her show Next Chapter on OWN, Miss Winfrey traveled to Barbados for what looks to be an incredibly personal visit with pop music’s most controversial singer, Rihanna.

From this near two-minute clip, Oprah appears to travel on a roller coaster of emotions with Ri-Ri as they laugh, cry (of course), discuss the pressures of fame and even visit the international superstar’s old hood. On a subject many of her fans will find engrossing, Rihanna described her ugly ending with Chris Brown by revealing although she held a grudge and fell into a dark mind state, “I lost my best friend.”

Truth be told, it has the makings of being a rather interesting sit-down. Oprah knows how to trigger emotions in people while Rihanna frequently harbors no filter when it comes to speaking her mind. Yet, seeing as how I don’t have the OWN channel (at least I don’t think I do), I’ll just have to catch the YouTube re-up.


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