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Watch Webbie Talk To A Now-Traumatized Youth Baseball Team

By 08.24.12

We begin our adventures of Webbie with him being invited to speak to a bus full of youth baseball players. A few important events transpire:

— Webbie walks on the bus going row by row asking for a million dollars for the one kid that will grow up to be a millionaire. Can’t tell if he’s serious or not.

— Webbie can’t tell the difference between white kids as he daps up one player he swore he saw in the hallway.

— Nobody on the bus knows who he is and there’s fear in the eyes of a few of them.

— Wait, did they say Minnesota? Is Webbie going to Minnesota? Take a camera crew!

*Scene change*

— Does anyone else notice the hilarity of Webbie talking about someone in his crew saying stupid things.

— Where on God’s glorious green Earth can I get that bedazzled Obama long tee? Citi Trends?

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