12 Longshot Predictions For The 2012 NFL Season

By: 09.04.12

12. Tony Romo Will – Wait For It – Lead Dallas To At Least The NFC Championship Game

Yep, all Tins here. This type of outlandish prediction worked so well in the NBA season, I figured why not try it here? Unlike a lot Cowboys fans, I’m all for Tony Romo being our quarterback. With all the pressure tossed on Dallas yet again – about half of it we do to ourselves, admittedly – and with the very real possibility of Jerry imploding the team if this season turns out worse than drinking Aristocrat straight on an empty stomach, Tony won’t let me down (even though last season was certainly not his fault).

My dude Tech 9 leads us to the NFC Championship game and from there, I’ll just let go and let God. And yes, I was completely sober typing this.

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