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By / 09.29.12

Kobe Bryant is a man of many masks. There’s the actual mask he was forced to wear after a Dwyane Wade All Star Game judo chop. There’s the fierce competitor (or *sshole). There’s a champion. And then there’s the guy who loves the kids. Before devoting total obsession focus for the upcoming season, Bean stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show and in the process made young Jared Jones lifelong dream come true.

First and foremost, it’s tough not to admire the kid’s diehard loyalty to Kobe. I was the same way with Jordan coming up, and had Ellen had her own talk show in the ’90s I definitely would tried to finagle my way into something like this. Anywho, after sending in a video proving he has a Kobe shrine only rivaled by Helga Pataki’s of Arnold on Hey Arnold, lil’ man landed the opportunity to go one on one in a shooting contest with his idol. Four things:

1. Kudos to young Jared keeping his composure and finishing the contest.

2. Kobe air-balled his first shot. The wind got it.

3. Maybe being humble. Maybe being too honest. One thing Young JJ doesn’t have is Bean’s irrational confidence. No way a 10-year-old Kobe would have said he had “no chance” to beat Jordan in a shooting contest on Oprah.

4. Kobe, you dick. That little kid probably couldn’t breathe up there and you really pushed him to the brink of a loss on national television.* Luckily, Jared won 4-3 so all is right in the world and now he’ll get to attend a Lakers game this year with VIP privileges. Rock out, Young Jared. Rock out.

In all seriousness, high quality stuff here from all parties involved. And don’t you for a second think Kobe wasn’t at least halfway serious when he offered the kid a roster spot. Let this Jodie Meeks thing not pan out and watch what happens.

Bonus: Another entertaining clip of Kobe and Ellen as they discuss life as a Laker, a possible 2016 Olympic run, the arrival of Dwight Howard and President Obama’s trash talking tendencies.

* – Waits for someone, anyone to blow their top and totally miss the sarcasm drenched in that sentence.


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