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Reason #289 To Hate Dwight Howard: Crying Before His Laker Debut

By / 10.22.12

Let’s all agree on something here: There’s absolutely no reason to have a molecule of good feelings towards Dwight Howard. No need to spend too much recapping why, but just to catch you up he’s a giant crybaby that cares more about movies and not being in Shaq’s shadow than he does actually winning or developing any semblance of a post game. In the last three years, he’s easily become the least likable man in the NBA and gets closer to the Karl Malone wing of the Douchebag Hall Of Fame with each passing day.

We expect his popularity to only plummet as the season progresses. That’s why we have this lovely running series of posts we’ll put together every time he does something Dwight Howard-y. While we knew he’d only up his antics, we didn’t expect them to begin so soon as his first preseason game. Let me borrow your Superman cape Yahoo! Sports:

Here’s Dwight Howard talking about the emotions on his first Lakers experience: As the bright lights of the Hollywood stage enveloped Howard in the embrace of a deafening din, the strangest thing happened to the planet’s most dominant, most indomitable force: The moment moved him to tears.

“Emotional,” Howard would say outside his locker Sunday night. “A very humbling experience.”

So Dwight, who didn’t want anything to do with the Lakers for two straight years because he was worried what Shaq would think and New Jersey is a great place to make Nickeloden movies or whatever, suddenly got the sugar lump when he was introduced as a Laker? The same Lakers he’s refused to sign an extension with? Those Lakers? Oh, okay. Excuse me. My phone line is going to be busy all day as I’ll be busy calling bullish*t.

Of course, Howard went out and played like Dwight Howard. Nineteen points, 12 rebounds, four blocks and zero post moves. Also, he got absolutely yammed on which was great to watch. Thomas Robinson, you are my hero.

We may get one really unexpected outcome from the whole Dwight Howard mess. Kobe Bryant may become the most likable curmudgeon left in the NBA as he treats Dwight like his own personal Smush Parker or Kwame Brown. Peep this anecdote.

On the occasion of his preseason Lakers debut, perhaps his truest and most important introduction to this most scrutinized job in sports – center for the Los Angeles Lakers – had come after the tears and ovation and his teammates pranking him by pushing Howard to lead them out of the tunnel – only to stop and let him run out there alone. For one, Kobe Bryant doesn’t do basketball laugh tracks, nor condone them.

“I don’t play those games,” he grumbled later.

By the way, you can go ahead and mark my words here. The Lakers will not win an NBA championship as long as Mike Brown is the head coach. He’s like that short period of time when Kanye West was supposed to be working with Soulja Boy. All that talent and quality only to be wasted on a sub-par person that doesn’t do it justice. But I digress.


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