TSS Presents Smoking Sessions With Pusha T

By: 10.24.12  •  17 Comments

Pusha T: That’s what I think you should’ve gotten out of it. Just to set the stage for that record, I only write on what’s personal to me. There was actually a Birdman interview, I forget what article it was for, where he was saying Kanye does his thing, but G.O.O.D. Music ain’t all that and yada yada. But what I’m saying is no one is exempt. The same way that people talk, I am going to talk. I’m not one to be talked about and I’m not one to be put in a mix of your comments and then let them not be responded to.

TSS: Slight understatement.

Pusha T: And I put words together really well. I just want people to understand: don’t play. You can play, but just know who you’re playing with. And the thing is that’s a conversation I never even had with ‘Ye. There’s not really a whole lot of imagination that goes on. It’s like if you vibe into a certain emotion or time period or specific instance, you have to tap into all of that. And it’s annoying when people do it through interviews versus doing it through music because I feel like this is a creative sport. I don’t even have ill-will towards anybody.

I don’t even hate these people. This is just about who can be the most creative through music. Outside of music, I don’t care. I just feel like I hate when people have interviews where they say terrible things or snide things when musically you’re not even good. You don’t even make good music.

TSS: Alright, as we wrap up this interview I want to pick your brain on a few random topics. I know that you’re a Celtics fan. Do you have any thoughts on Ray Allen going to Miami?

Pusha T: I don’t watch basketball anymore.

TSS: Word? Why not?

Pusha T: Basketball is like musical chairs and it’s cheap.

TSS: [Laughs]

Pusha T: And let me clarify. It’s not that I don’t like it or I don’t watch it anymore. I only watch it now for the sport of it. I’m not a passionate franchise person like I once was. The musical chairs and the lack of honor and the lack of teams sticking together and sticking it out.

TSS: Lack of loyalty?

Pusha T: Yeah, lack of loyalty. I don’t really understand it. Like, you can’t tell my father anything about the Magic-era Lakers. Magic, Worthy. They stuck together and they had such a passion that you couldn’t question who the leader was. And now it’s like people leaving even after they get winning records with teams. Like we getting to the playoffs and we out. And we already got rings with these same guys. I can’t watch that. Like I said, not that I can’t watch it, I just don’t watch it the same passion for a franchise.

TSS: We got a big election coming up. How involved are you in politics and what do you think about Obama and Romney?

Pusha T: I feel like the election’s gonna be great. I feel like Obama is definitely the man and the man we should be putting in office again. I feel like the fact that Romney is even being considered with all of his evasiveness and his tax past and his background and his history and family stuff. I think it says a lot, like why are we even considering this man? I think it’s a testament to how classy Obama has been. He could really dig into all of Romney’s policies but he hasn’t. I think Obama has been very tasteful, when others would not have been at all.

TSS: Tell me about that Kanye “White Dress” record and that soul sample that he used. Do you think that sound is gonna make a comeback or it just a flash in the pan?

Pusha T: I don’t think it necessarily went anywhere. Especially when ‘Ye does it, that shit is like sliced bread. That shit don’t die. You want to hear it, but you want to hear it done right. But there are only a few people who can do it right.

TSS: Alright, last question: are we ever gonna hear another Clipse album anytime soon?

Pusha T: Aw man, I’m totally with it. Me and my brother discuss it. He’s been down with it. It’s just about when he’s ready. Right now I’m focused on my solo project, but after that I’m totally open to it. I’d love to work with my brother again and I think we’re definitely gonna have another one. I’m sure of it.

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