Album Preview: Big Boi’s “Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumors”

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Listen to “Lines” featuring A$AP Rocky & Phantogram

12. Interlude – A quick break between tracks, this was an 808-heavy singing-based flash of brightness, that didn’t have raps and led into the album’s conclusion.

13. “Tremendous Damage” – The final rap song on Vicious Lies and rightfully so, this piano-laden gospel is a heart-touching track that finds Big speaking on each of the ills that plague his brain, suggesting “shit is heavy like the world on my shoulders.” Not only an appropriate album outro for Big lyrically, but another diverse addition to his already stacked catalogue.

14. Outro – Rounding out the LP by picking up where the intro begun, the final track of Vicious Lies… ties together the overall theme of simply being able to put together a complete project that doesn’t compromise in sound or mind. At one point, a vocalist points out “If you don’t know by now, you never will,” which is probably an accurate statement.

After almost twenty years in the game, Big Boi’s audience is getting older. And, even though they undoubtedly always support every Outkast-associated release, our current single-oriented culture may or may not appreciate the type of intricate input that goes into an album like Big Boi has created here with his second solo effort.

Yet, the beat goes on for Big as he clearly continues cranking out timeless material for the simple love of the craft. This fact was not only clear by simply listening to the layers of dedication this project emulates, or the moment when our multi-millionaire host made a point to put a manual fade-out on our intimate studio session himself – but the sheer fact he’s still so immersed in the music after already altering the course of the entire genre numerous times over. Yet, even with nothing left to accomplish, Daddy Fat Saxxx still shows no sign of slowing down and continues churning out quality material for the masses.

To support Big Boi’s decades of dedication to pleasing your ears, make sure to follow him on Twitter @BigBoi and cop Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumors when it hits shelves for the holidays on December 11.

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