Long Live The Wave: Chase N. Cashe’s 13 Favorite Max B. & Stack Bundles Songs

By 11.08.12

Despite Max B.’s prison sentence which could very well have him behind bars for the rest of his natural born life and Stack Bundles’ murder in 2007, their respective impacts on Hip-Hop are not to be shortchanged. For Chase N. Cashe – a rising producer and MC in his own right – their work and promise for what could have been remains an inspiration.

To pay homage to the one of the greater duos of the 2000s who never tapped their true potential, Chase graciously stepped away from his 11th-hour schedule of putting the final touches on his CHARM LP (set to drop November 12) to grant us his 13 favorite records from Max and Stack.

Agree? Disagree? Undecided? Leave thoughts here after tallying how many of CNC’s choices align with your own and add on to create an ultimate playlist. Squad up and ride the wave over these next baker’s dozen worth of songs.

Stack Bundles – “Y’all Trash”

“This is a personal favorite of mine because he disses Lamar Odom which is random as shit. He had beef with Ali Vegas at this point. This beat is crazy, too. Ron Browz did it. I like how he always found a way to have a baby hook within his verses like “Y’ALL NIGGAS IS TRASH.”

Stack Bundles – “Imaginary Player”

“I play this all the time just off the strength its one of my favorite Jay-Z songs. When I heard Stack on this I used to play them back to back all the time. Stacks flow on this song is crazy, too.”

Stack Bundles – “Do Bad By Myself”

“I love this song because of the beat. The beat isn’t really all that crazy, but it’s just a different tempo and vibe for the average rapper to use at the time Stack used it. He always picked interesting beats to me and found a way to keep melody in his raps, too.”

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Stack Bundles – “Hey Girl”

“Maaaaan, this song is just a classic. Period. Listen to the hook and the nigga singing it! The lyrics are cold as shit on the hook. That beat is amazing, too. The timing with the drums and the instruments. Stack bodied any style. He could rap about women, fashion, cocaine, killing and that shit would still sound new and original.”

Stack Bundles – “Pimpin’ Won’t Die”

“Another pivotal Stack Bundles song in my life. This beat is craaaazy smooth. The females in the back singing are my favorite part of the song. If by chance you cross paths with a pimp, show love! He gave all gospel on this song, too.”

Stack Bundles – “Why (Freestyle)”

“Stack was one of the best at venting on records. He always had a message of responsibility in his music, which is why I love his shit so much. He rapped as if it was his duty to get on for his city and just for music sake period because he knew how nice he was and was going to be in time. I definitely love this because of Jadakiss, too.”

Max B. Ft. French Montana – “Stake Sause”

“Awww man, this shit right here is just beyond wavy. The beat is so crazy off the jump and Max kills the hook. I think French got him on the verse, but they compliment each other perfect. This a classic. We got the streets! Steak Saaaaauce! I’m in the ghetto everyday!”

Max B. – “Eye for an Eye”

“Listen to this beat and listen to his flow, man. The opening bars alone make this wavy as fuck. Max had great melodies and always found a way to make them sound good for a nigga who couldn’t really sing. You shit on me. I shit on you!”

Max B. & French Montana – “It Gotta Be”

“Once again a testament to The Wavy Man & The Mac with Da Cheese chemistry. Crazy beat. They both float on the verses with the flows, man.”

Max B. – “Blow Me A Dub”

“I’m bout to blow me a duuuuuub! All weed heads can relate to this song. This is one of those joints you just put on repeat like 10 times and just smoke out. His melody compliments the beat so well and the lyrics in the hook are ghetto as fuck.”

Max B. – “Quarantine”

“I love this solely off the Dame Grease beat alone. This shit so dark, wavy and eerie at the same time. “In the kitchen boo, I be chef’n up!” The Wavy Man bodied this shit with the in and out pocket flow. Quarantine! Pardon me! Take your life away like a robbery! Owww!”

Max B. – “Bad Whiskey”

“If “wavy” had a definition it would be this song. LOS killed the beat, man. Max was one of the best at shit talking on records, too. I think he diss Jim [Jones] on this shit, too.”*

* – He did.

Max B. & French Montana – “Security”

“I like this song a lot because how they both have totally different flows on it. French got classic quotes in here. Get show awards, & you nominated! Hollow tips leave your head discombulated! Max came with the silly flow and crazy hook too. I always feel like these niggas is creepin on me!! The coke is wavy, but when I was locked up these niggas was sleepin on me! But now that we got it, got it, got it! These niggas is feastin on me! The Surfer Don & Macaroni With The Cheeeeeheeeeheeese. He killed it, haha.”

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