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Conan O’Brien Considers A Wes Anderson-Directed “Star Wars: Episode VII”

By / 11.11.12

It’s safe to guess that Rushmore director Wes Anderson probably won’t direct Star Wars: Episode VII. Actually, just consider it fact at this point. However, that doesn’t mean Conan O’Brien didn’t have a great time theorizing a Star Wars-Anderson adaptation for his show.

During an airing of Conan last week, O’Brien posited a fictional Anderson teaser tape that would imagine a Rebel-run galaxy within the Anderson aesthetic. Here’s an abridged list of Smoking Section-approved “+1″s concerning O’Brien’s guess:

– The pithy title, “A Life Galactic”

– Shots of notebooks filled with child-like checklists of to-do activities, which sh*t on plot but emphasize characters’ interpersonal relationships

– Super-kitsch fung shui

– Han Solo’s pockets filled with child-like trinkets like a whistle, blazer buttons and jacks–NOSTALGIC

– Tandem motorcycle rides with Han sitting b*tch seat to Chewbacca

That’s not a complete list, mind you, but don’t think hipsters won’t check out Disney’s first Star Wars adaptation when it releases in 2015. NOSTALGIA is a powerful force, man, and trendy kids love that stuff, even if the so-twee, so-whimsy, so-understated Anderson’s not involved.


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