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Open Thread: Election Day 2012

By 11.06.12

Well, here we are again, kids. After four years of an Obama administration and an exhausting year of campaigning we’re down to this. Americans will be hitting the polls today to pick the man (or party) they want to lead for the next four years. Everything else that happens today is relative immaterial.

So all day today, stop by and drop a comment about your voting experience and we’ll all come back here when the polls close to chat as the results come in. Not only will you be able to talk politics and enjoy privileges as an American, you’ll be able to earn a special badge. Isn’t America grand?

By clicking this badge you’re saying that you went out and rocked the vote in 2012. Actually, it’s saying that you shared this post on Facebook and Twitter. We’re just using the honor system on the voting thing.

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Open Thread: Election Day 2012


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