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TSS Presents Smoking Sessions With The Flush & SMKA

By 11.01.12

808 Blake: You know, we get to get to come together and see each other. You know, I haven’t seen them in a year. So, we catchin’ up on old shit, talkin’ and at the end of the day we just in here, making music and doing what we love. It’s just positive vibes, man.

Rick: The only challenge that comes for me is…with all of us, to do better. If Blake plays some banging shit, I’m definitely going to the computer to find some banging shit. It’s creativity and competition, at the same time. It’s like…damn…I guess we are a brotherhood. [Laughs] It’s a band of brothers. We love great music and it’s never gonna’ stop. Not in my heart. Long as my heart keeps pumping, all these guys are gonna’ keep doin’ it.

TSS: And that’s what we want. That’s what the fans want. We want organic music. Not forced music.

Jeron: I think that’s the biggest thing we can take away from this, and even the first one – how the song’s come together. Like, “Heaven’s Door,” Joe Scudda walked in and he was vibing to the track. Then, Jon Connor walked in, and he was vibing to the track. He was like, ‘Hey man, you writing to this?’ He was like ‘Yeah.’ ‘Cool, let’s go in.’ Termanology gets on there and next thing you know, we got a dope song.

So, it really really, really is purely just a good energy. And this building, in general, Stankonia has this vibe when you walk through the door, it’s already like ‘wow.’ First off, the energy is here is something you can’t duplicate, you can’t buy or put your finger on, to say exactly what it is. It’s something you can defintely feel when you walk through the door and puts everybody on their A game. And the results, they show it.

TSS: Yes. Yes, they definitely do. I walked into this bitch like a kid in a candy store.


TSS: Now, there’s a new EP coming out from The Flush. To be honest, I’m not sure of the name, or even if you are…but I do know you’ve got Killer Mike, Big and even SBTRKT, which I think is cool and shows it’s going to be a diverse project. What can you tell us about that?

Jeron: Yeah, that’s something we’re looking to release top of the year, man. The whole vibe with that is to be way ahead of the curve when it comes to the music we’re creating, and of course for it to be timeless too. And, from a strategic standpoint, we’re trying to put together a short film, where the music will pretty much the soundtrack to the film.

TSS: Bet. We’ll be looking forward to it. One question I’ve got specifically for The Flush, is what happened to the ‘Royal,’ that used to be in your name?

Rick: The thing with Royal Flush was it was more of a business routine for us. Because, after that song (“Royal Flush”) became so popular, there was ‘Royal Flush Dance Group,’ ‘Royal Flush Plumbing,’ ‘Royal Flush Shoes,’ ‘Royal Flush Fingernail Polish’…and we were getting lost in the sauce when you searched for us. And, there’s another rapper/producer named Royal Flush in New York.

Dreamer: Royal Flush is in the dictionary.

Rick: Right. You want to be unique. So we just shortened it. The Flush, that’s what we are.

Dreamer: If you the shit, you The Flush.

To keep up with The Flush and SMKA, make sure to check out “Stankonia Sessions Volume 2” when it drops for free on LiveMixtapes and follow both groups on Twitter at @TheFlushMusic and @SMKA. Also, check out The Flush’s work on “Mama Told Me” from Big Boi’s upcoming album “Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumors,” Dreamer’s upcoming mixtape “Animals Vs. Machines 2” and on Spree Wilson’s upcoming “Life In Technicolor” album. You can find SMKA on “Kush Clouds” from Freddie Gibbs’ “BFK,” the new Nappy Roots album and future projects from Jarren Benton.

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