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Future – “Hard” Video

By 12.21.12

More music from Future because it’s the weekend, asteroids aren’t raining from the sky (yet) and what other real reason does one need. I only have two comments as it relates to the Free Bandz HNIC and his new video for “Hard.”

1. Noz was right. I really, really hope these new acts Future is set to introduce on Future Presents FBG: The Movie is just Future over and over again. Like Eddie Murphy on Coming To America. Or Martin on Martin.

2. I understand Future’s music is an acquired taste, and if you don’t like it, that’s well within your Hip-Hop Bill of Rights not to. But you’ll never know how fun “Hard” is to listen to in your car doing 70 on the freeway. Sober and with a seatbelt on of course.

Bonus: Shout out to Future for continuing to support the homie Dukki’s Major DC clothing line, too. I’m feeling a trip to Georgetown is in order this weekend.

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