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By / 12.02.12

For the last few of his eight years incarcerated, Turk was locked up in the same facility with my brother, Cookiehead. Apparently they had many conversations – because what else can you do in prison – about what laid ahead for the former Cash Money rapper. For the past year or so, JM would frequently update me of the big plans Turk had because what else do prisoners expect to do besides hittin’ the ground running once released.

I kept reminding him how the so much had changed in the musical landscape. Turk last saw daylight in 2004 and even then his career seemed to be on the outs. I can’t recall a single thing he did before his notorious appearance in the news for having a gun battle with a S.W.A.T. team. Sprinkle in rumored swings to both jail and rehab prior to the incident and Turk’s flame was low. Yet, Cookiehead kept reiterating that Turk was clean and focused, plus the relationship with Lil Wayne was strong, so only good could be on the horizon.

Fast forward a few years, Turk’s less than a month or two removed from the pen and following through with the plan by peppering the scene with material leading up to a mixtape, Blame It On The System. The standout would have to be “Zip It” featuring Wayne, as the two former youngest Hot Boyz bring it back together.

I was listening to Shyne’s recent trash diss of Game (“Bury Judas”) and couldn’t stand to play the track past the first minute. For all of his post-jail material, I’ve found myself checking for less and less and the interview soundbytes weren’t endearing him to anyone either. Gone was his authoritative baritone that once made him so well loved and the replacement raps sounds like a rookie rapper cooking up his first demos in confines of bedroom.

As a yin to Shyne’s yang, Turk sounds right at home rhyming alongside Weezy. Maybe Wayne’s verse is a leftover of some sort because he sounds less Martian and more subdued. Yet, it works because he sounds about as close to Wayne from The Boot as we’re going to get in 2012. It’s Turk’s chorus and verses that will take everyone back to the old Cash Money sound (minus Mannie, of course) as he carries on about how “how n*ggas from New Orleans is” and acting as if he never missed a day on the city streets. And like Mikey noted, his voice and delivery didn’t leave him, much like what happened to Po.

Turk follows up “Zip It” with a solo track, “Get Naked,” detailing criminal activities that might not please his PO but he can always say the song’s all for show. Strengthening the notion that his YMCMB ties are solid, he’s also included on Mack Maine’s “I’m On It,” which also hosts another former con, Mystikal. The solo joint is okay at best because the cobwebs show but nobody goes away for eight calendars, has their creativity stifled and retains their form. Bookended by the other two on “I’m On It,” Turk sounds confident and maybe the buffers provided by co-stars should stay in place his reentry into rap and society.

Turk – “Get Naked” (Prod. By Drumma Boy)

Turk Ft. Lil Wayne – “Zip It”

Mack Maine Ft. Turk & Mystikal – “I’m On It”

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