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Mach Five – Art Rap LP

By 01.16.13

Just when you think you know what to expect with Mach Five, they go and deliver an incredibly unexpected collection of songs in Art Rap. Whereas their previous project Ratchet Sh*t was really everything that that title suggests, Art Rap practically falls on the other side of the spectrum. Chiller, more mellow beats accentuated by jazzy elements help to cultivate a refreshing atmosphere for the duo to wreak havoc on.

Art Rap wouldn’t be a full, well rounded project, however, if there weren’t a couple more party-friendly tracks, especially the last two bonus cuts that feature Chippy Non-Stop and Gangsta Boo. One the whole, the project might be a little more mellow, but make no mistake about it. Corey Davis and A.Ware are rapping their asses off throughout the tape.


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