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Five Ways To Make ‘NBA 2K14’s’ My Career Mode Not So Unbearable

By 01.25.13

Suck 1: Your Player Is The Worst Player In NBA History – This is the main reason My Career is so frustrating. You start with a player you’ve made up from head to toe but you can’t adjust his attributes at all. This, of course, prevents you from amping up your skills to 99s across the board like you could in NBA Live 95. However they start your player’s skills so low that he’s easily the worst player in the NBA. Seriously, he can’t shoot, pass or defend. He misses layups and easy buckets on the regular. Honestly, it takes about 40 games for you to have the makings of a player deserving of a spot on an NBA roster. And the journey to making him decent is downright painful to play. I keep finding myself saying “of course he missed it” after damn near every shot.

Solution 1: Way back when Madden was good they had a combine where your incoming skill was based on mini-games you played before the season started. This could easily be implemented here as you could build up your attributes based on how you perform during certain rookie camp challenges. That way you wouldn’t automatically be the shittiest player ever. Also, the rookie camp would hopefully be more fun than the boring ass drills they have now. More on that later.

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