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Yelawolf & Rittz – “Hammer Time”

By 01.28.13

I am now a coffee drinker. I wasn’t always. Long nights spent writing posts and articles of varying quality, drinking overpriced alcoholic beverages, and chasing…well let’s just say I don’t sleep nearly as much as I should. The point is I need a significant jolt of caffeine to peel myself out of bed and make myself a lucid and tolerable co-worker these days. I really should cut back.

Instead of my daily 20 oz. fix of liquid crack, I could just as easily switch to a high-decibel dosage of Yelawolf and Rittz’s latest release, “Hammer Time.” The energetic Slumerican solo acts joined forces to rattle off line after breakneck line like an HBCU drumline attacking their snares and toms. If you can listen to this and keep your pulse from racing, walk away from the bright light and head back toward the land of the living.

Yelawolf & Rittz – “Hammer Time”


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