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Watch As Young Guru Speaks On Piracy, Sampling And Invention

By / 01.16.13

Young Guru is without a doubt one of the most well-known engineers in Hip-Hop because he’s successfully created his own platform in an occupation that’s historically been a behind-the-scenes role. His success comes not only from his work behind the boards but through the unique perspective and knowledge he brings when he steps into the limelight. And given his long career and Grammy-nominated success, he has the E.F. Hutton effect: when he talks, people listen.

Guru recently stopped by Pop! Tech to deliver a lecture on a number of topics that have plagued the music industry, and specifically Hip-Hop as a genre. His take on things like piracy are quite unique, as he is somehow always able to find the positive elements of even the most detrimental scenarios. Guru wisely suggests that piracy pushed the music to new heights and drove innovation in ways that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible, so it wasn’t all bad. It’s quite the unique stance and something that never even crossed my mind until now, but it’s not hard to see that the man is completely correct on all counts.


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