4 Terrible NBA Teams With Bright Futures

By: 02.04.13

New Orleans Hornets

Why they will be good:

Everybody knows about Anthony Davis and Eric Gordon, but Greivis Vasquez and Ryan Anderson are what make this team so intriguing. The Venezuelan point guard is second in the league with 9.1 apg, to go along with 14 points per game, and at 26, New Orleans should be able to count on him as their starting one for a while. Anderson, meanwhile, picked up right where he left off in Orlando, averaging 17 ppg. Although he primarily comes off the bench, he gives his team some incredible depth.

What they need to do:

Out of all of the teams on this list, the Hornets seem like the one team that will benefit the most from simply playing together. There really aren’t many holes on this team moving forward, especially if Davis blossoms into more of a scoring threat. Another defensive-minded big would help their cause; despite Anderson’s success, his defensive is sub-par, making it hard to envision a future in which he starts alongside Davis.

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