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Amigo The Devil – “The Recluse” Video

By 02.06.13

It may not be Hip-Hop, but it’s always a great day when a new Amigo The Devil video lands on my doorstep. His music is always deliciously twisted, filled with disturbing paranoia, blood, and unrestrained psychosis and “The Recluse” fits right in with the catalog quite nicely. Equal parts creepy and creative, his visuals are equally as stellar.

It’s Amigo’s first single for the upcoming Diggers EP which is sure to be filled with plenty more murder-folk treats. This guy’s ability to sing about such unnerving sh*t so smoothly makes him one of music’s best kept secrets. But a quick word of caution. Don’t watch this video before bedtime. You’ll more than likely have a killer nightmare or two.

Diggers arrives February 19th. Kindly mark your calendars with a couple drops of blood.


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