The iPod Shuffle – Deltron 3030’s “Mastermind”

By: 02.05.13

Despite being big into Cali rap growing up, Del and Deltron barely made my radar. However, one track that somehow worked its way into rotation strictly from an instrumental stand-point was the maniacal “Mastermind.” Since my friends and I used to have backseat freestyles like the rest of you, we used to round up random beats from Napster onto CD-Rs and this mountain-climbing, chip-on-the-shoulder backdrop from Dan The Automater was one of the gems that brought the best out of a bunch of narrow-minded kids.

However, before I heard this Deltron 3030 highlight the other day via DJ Shadow radio on Pandora, it had probably been a good five years since this dusty gem cracked my rotation in any form. To ensure that doesn’t happen again, I’m bringing out the mega-phone here for a mental reminder and hoping you guys give me enough reasons to listen beyond the beat.

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