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Justin Bieber Is Sorry For Being A Sizzurp Sipping Weedhead, You Guys!

By / 02.10.13

For reasons unknown, the world went up in arms when singer/rapper/gawd Justin Bieber was spotted with a casual blunt in hand. Yeah, because the thought of an 18-year-old pop star smoking weed isn’t fathomable by many. Still, the PR Team teen took to Twitter to issue a half-assed not-really apology soon after TMZ leaked the photo. But that was not enough.

While guest-starring on last night’s SNL, Justin addressed the weed controversy in a skit where he played a Miley Cyrus fan club president and ardent Bieber hater. Between praising Miley and ethering himself, Justin again apologized, “I heard he got busted for smoking weed, he’s really sorry about it; people make mistakes and he’s never gonna do it again.”


And because it relates, longtime sizzurp proponent DJ Paul recently offered some unsolicited advice – after being accosted by TMZ cameras – to Shawty Mane about his alleged taste for the purple stuff.

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