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Pitbull Remembers He’s A Rapper, Drops Lil Wayne Diss Song

By 02.25.13

Had enough of that annoying “Harlem Shake” song? Of course not! Luckily, Pitbull is here to give us more of the number one song in the country, by way of a diss record against Miami arch nemesis, Lil Wayne.

Now, we don’t really keep up with Pitbull much around these parts. Last time we checked, Mr. 305 was performing in Alaska (no, seriously, he was in the land of frozen tundra) and running amok on the radio with his formula-hits. But today he’s being allowed on the premises because he’s the first nationally known Miamian to speak out on wax in regards to Lil Wayne’s “F*ck Miami” speech.

Welcome 2 Dade County, Tunechi!

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