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QOTD: Which Rapper(s) Do You Love To Hate?

By / 02.08.13

The internet was made for four things: porn, getting free stuff, dumb videos and HATING! Throwing shade throughout the web is a pastime for legions of typing tyrants. One of the funniest kinds of hatred is the type towards rappers: the same lot who keep us entertained a rhyme at a time.

Well, which rapper or rappers do you LOVE to hate? We’re talking about the kind of disdain where you’d cheese if rapper X fell off, met a fist that rocked him to sleep on YouTube or got caught out Eddie Murphy style. Spare me with the kumbaya explanations too. It’s alright to have villains. Just remember to breathe while unleashing your hit-list.

The comment section is now open for negativity. Let’s go!


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