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Rashad Ft. Styles P. – “The Life” Video

By 02.28.13

Since first hearing Rashad and SP’s “The Life” some 14 months ago, the record has quietly transitioned into one of those motivational records appropriate to revisit every so often whenever a pick-me-up is needed. ‘Shad’s hook is still as buttery smooth and uplifting as it was when the song still had its new car smell. The Ghost’s verse still feels tailor made for the occasion. Quite frankly, the only aspect missing was the video.

Why it took so long to receive the visual is an inquiry better posed to Rashad. In the meantime, appreciate the moment while it’s here in what truly is an applicable representation of the song. Clips of some of history’s more rebellious and powerful scenes scamper in between Rashad and P’s new age revolution.

‘Shad’s solo running, Museum, dropped last year in the event you’re still playing catch up.


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