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The Connects – “Love In Las Vegas” Video

By 02.01.13

Sure, this cliche club track from The Connects’ probably isn’t your bag and their “Love In Las Vegas” theme might be geographically played-out. But, Celine Dion be damned if I didn’t have an ear-to-ear smile on my face the entire time I watched the amazing video below.

Definitely NSFW or really life, in general, the raucous mini-movie features everything from overdosing midgets to strippers knocking boots in bathtubs and is basically a visual roller-coaster that only goes down. Oh, and Corey Feldman makes a cameo. Of course.

Basically, no matter what you think of this icebreaker from The Connects, there’s no question whether or not you’re going to enjoy the ride. Buckle up.


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