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Diddy, Mark Wahlberg & Ellen Play A Drinking Game On Live Television

By 03.04.13

Like it or love it, Diddy is motherf*ckin’ hustler. Point. Blank. Period. In an innovative method to promote he and Mark Whalberg’s newest creation (water), AQUAhydrate, the two stopped by Ellen’s show for a nifty trivia contest.

Ellen asked the questions. Marky Mark – who is hopefully still working towards the Entourage movie – answered the questions (wrong on purpose). And Diddy took shots. The only twist being the shots were either AQUA or Ciroc. Not for nothing either, that’s not a bad drinking game. Couple that with the Vince Carter idea from a few days ago and we’ve got some awesome ideas for Cinco de Mayo activities.

P.S. – If anyone has a contact to Ellen, tell her to put me on as a writer. That place seems fun as hell to work. And tell her I am more than willing to relocate. References and resume available upon request. Thanks.

Bonus: Apparently, Puff used to wet the bed, too. You know, in case you need this for useless water cooler talk at the job this week.



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