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By 03.04.13

J. Cole sat down with radio host Jenny Boom Boom of Hartford’s Hot 93.7 to talk all things Cole, the album and his and Jay-Z’s alleged Illuminati affiliations.

When asked whether or not he and his boss were down with the secret society, Jermaine revealed that he too once was a believer but not anymore.

“You know, it’s crazy. Before I got a deal and became apart of the industry, I was one of those people. Like, I wasn’t on it all the time, but I’m a conspiracy theorist. Like, I believed those videos. So there were times where I’d look at a video that’s like, ‘Jay-Z, a member of The Illuminati!’ and I would be like, ‘Ohhhh! Like, yoooo! How is…’ and then you meet him, and you see how things work and you’re like, ‘Nah, man. That’s bogus.’ That’s somebody who’s so far away from the truth and what’s actually happening, just creating something. They’re probably high. But nah, it’s not true.”

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