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Did I Really Like This? Jay-Z’s “(Always Be My) Sunshine”

By / 03.22.13

Well, did I really like this? Not really. So…the post is over, right?

Not so fast, chap.

See, one thing music writers struggle with is the fact that this music stuff is way bigger than them and their peculiar tastes. The previous statement is a problem I identify with so, if you don’t mind me, I’ll step aside and move towards my point.

Rap nerds from the bricks to the burbs derided “Sunshine” for ages. At the same time this record is one of the first Jay-Z records I vividly remember getting regular airplay on MTV: formerly known as a tremendous deal in the music industry. So it’s not a leap to conclude more than a few people liked this song for it to receive such attention. Which one of you mugs turned to this back then? You’re among friends so don’t feel ashamed.

After all, then budding rap stars in Jay-Z, Foxy Brown, freaking Babyface, Prestige Vanderpool of the Hitmen and music video visionary Hype Williams should’ve combined for an event we’d fondly recall for years. Except now heads remember it as some kind of joke gone wrong. The song is like De La Soul’s Stakes is High skit yet scarily similar to that parody.

Jay’s Jolly Rancher suit, fish-eye lens abuse and overly bright colors throughout probably make watching this video on an HDTV a health hazard. Yet you’ll probably press play when you’re done reading this and ask yourself why you did. Go ahead and fight that temptation. Just don’t be mad at me when you lose.

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