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The Quickie: 5 Songs For A Spring Playlist

By 04.23.13
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The case of being the "music man" strikes again. A couple of days ago, one of my O.G. homies who's fallen by the wayside musically hit me up with a request: throw together a short playlist of tracks so he could get back up to speed on what's new. But that wasn't all.

He needed the choices to be easy on the ears. Nothing too hard or heavy. Less guns, drugs and cursing; more pure rap and melodies. Truthfully, the order was taller than it sounds since most rap that dominates the charts has those edgier elements. So with the ball now rolling, what songs are on your playlists that fit the mold mentioned above?

Pic: Classic Kicks

1. Big K.R.I.T. - "R.E.M."

Off King Remembered..., "R.E.M" is another example of K.R.I.T.'s ability to make balanced songs that rich on content and production.

2. Drake Ft. James Fauntleroy - "Girls Love Beyonce"

Gentlemen, Drake's "Girls Love Beyonce" is clearly for the softer persuasion but feel free to sing along and enjoy it, just try to do when you're alone.

3. Ace Hood - "Bugatti"

For a song originally released in late January, "Bugatti" is only gaining more steam as the temperature rises and will only got hotter as the days grow longer. Turn it up and, if anybody within earshot isn't moving by the chorus, check their pulse immediately.

4. De La Soul Ft. The Spirit of the Wu – “Get Away”

The new De La tune won't bowl anyone over but that's to be expected from the Plug Trio. After two decades in the rap game, they're the proverbial tortoise who always comes through with consistency and a yeoman's work ethic.

5. Casey Veggies - "Life$tyle"

Cardiak blessed Casey Veggies with several melodic tracks for Life Changes, but "Lifestyle" might be the pick of the litter. Very old school vibe that compliments Casey's new school attitude.

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