Watch The ‘GTA V’ Trailer If You Wanna Have A Gamegasm

By: 04.30.13  •  26 Comments

Sh*t just got real.

Grand Theft Auto V is on the way, and dammit, it’s looking awesome. RockStar came through this morning, and gave the universe a 3-part trailer, introducing our upcoming anti-heroes of San Andreas. There’s Michael, the middle-aged, mid-life-crisis-having yuppie; Franklin, the Grove Street gangsta who is all about his paper; and Trevor, the larger-than-life drug dealer and public menace. They are all going to team up for an expedition that you and I will spend close to 400 hours enjoying.

The three trailers show how these guys all have a different direction and aspirations in life. The graphics are looking dope as ever. And the music selection, with hits from Queen, Jay Rock, and Gotty’s all-time favorite singer Waylon Jennings, sounds like it’s going to be strong as ever.

Ok, you can gamegasm now.

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