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#DMXWeek: The 12 Most Gruesome Deaths From ‘It’s Dark & Hell Is Hot”

By / 05.15.13
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Words By Preezy Da Kid | @PreezyDaKid

Murder can be a double-edged sword. While unfortunate and unwelcome in the midst of our everyday lives, in the realm of entertainment it can be fascinating and, dare I say, enticing. No matter how gruesome the violence or the innocence of the victims, we find it hard to look away, even though we may not condone that type of behavior off the screen.

Few debuts in the history of Hip-Hop capitalized on this love affair as DMX's It's Dark And Hell Is Hot, giving listeners a glimpse into the mind state of a man who dealt with murder, mayhem, and more murder as casually as a convo over a cup of coffee. In what was the equivalent of a thugged-out Stephen King novel, X racked up an innumerable amount of bodies, and in style too if we may add.

We decided to put together a list of the Top 12 Murders From IDHH to serve as a highlight reel of sorts of The Dark Man's most gruesome performances. Put the kids to bed and be sure to have the lights on when reading this, things may get ugly.


Homicide #1: "With the dog right behind n*ggas,chasing em down/we all know that you was pussy, but I'm tasting it now/and never give a dog * if you a *, you'll have a dog like 'what' fighting whatever, all up in ya gut/give it to em' raw like that,and ain't no love,I do em' all like that/ four right up in they back,click clack/ close your eyes baby,it's over,forget it/ right in front of your building, but nobody knows who did it"

Gunshots are known to be ear piercing and are usually noticeable from a mile away, unless you're in the projects. It's also best to get in shape whenever in a beef with the Dark Man, as he's been known to chase his victims down at a Usain Bolt-like pace.

Homicide #2: "Stupid, that's what you get for thinking/ and eventually found,that's what you get for stinking/ Blowing up the spot when you rot/ Plus if it gets hot, they'll know you dead for four square blocks/ Hit em' with the ox to the real...kill, n*gga, kill"

Never think around Earl Simmons because it's useless, liable to backfire and may lead to your grisly death. But the best time to do it would be in the warmer months just to ensure the authorities are able to actually find your body. Hot weather and the stench of dead flesh don't mix.

"Ruff Ryders Anthem"

Homicide #3: "Oh, you thought you was raw? Boom, not anymore/cause now you're on the floor, wishing you never saw/me walk through that door, with that '44/now it's time for bed, two more to the head/now the floors red, yeah that n*ggas dead"

Earl was straightforward with this one. He came through the door blasting and finished the victim off with two to the dome, execution style. While painting the whole floor red via bloodshed isn't considered the prettiest sight, at least Suge Knight would've been proud of that effort. And, if you don't understand how undeniable DMX's appeal was, these lyrics were on his single!

"Get At Me Dog"

Homicide #4: "One in the back, left yo f*ggot ass face down/lucky that you're breathing, but you're dead from the waist down/the f*ck is on your mind, talking that sh*t that you be talking/and I bet you wish you never got hit, cause you'd be walking"

We know he hails from Yonkers, NY but could DMX be sending shots at Lil Chris from Boyz N Tha Hood on this one? Murder has no boundaries, so who knows?

"X Is Coming For You"

Homicide #5: "Man, if we was up north, n*ggas would've been f*cked you/But damn, we in the streets, n*ggas should've been stuck you/Plucked you like a chicken, with your head cut off/Left you with your back open, and your legs cut off..."

Earl must've been enjoying a nice platter of Popeye's before committing this murder. Nothing like a few breasts and wings to get the murder-rate jumping. We're sure he prefers boneless.

Homicide #6: "And I'm gunning for your spouse, trying to send the b*tch back to her maker/And if you got a daughter older than 15, I'ma rape her/Take her, on the living room floor, right there in front of you/ Then ask you seriously, what you wanna do?/ **Frustrating isn't it, wanna kill me, but I'ma kill you/Now, watch me f*ck a little longer please, will you?/This is revenge, look you in your eye/And as much as I hate to see a grown man cry/I'ma make you suffer, see your ass in hell/Motherf*cker, click, BOOM-BOOM, see your ass in hell"

This is one of the most brutal first-hand accounts of torture ever heard on wax. And thank God Twitter wasn't around in '98. X may not have had a chance to record that next album given today's rash of "rape-rap" controversies.

Homicide #7: "Who's afraid of the dark, responsible for the murders in the park/When I bark, didn't hear the boom, but you see the spark/And I see the part of your head which used to be your face/left replaced, with nothing, just for bluffing, what a waste..."

Always be sure to wipe off the blood stains before you let your kid play on the sliding board at your local park. Lord knows if X was there.

Homicide #8: "I will borrow a gun, then run 'til I catch you/Let you slip up just once, and I'ma wet you/Stretch you out, like a limousine/Cause where I catch you is where I catch you, that's what killing means/F*ck whoever standing there when you get what you got coming/Cause once I hit you in ya head, witnesses start running..."

No First 48-esque snitching round here. Witnesses know not to say sh*t whenever X is involved. And borrowing a gun, catching a body then giving it back display's X's lack of regard for ANYTHING, as insider's know that's an ultimate No-No in the streets. But obviously X doesn't give a f*ck.


Homicide #9: "Anything for you dog, where them n*ggas at?/*38th and Broadway*, aight, let me get the gat/run up on em' strapped, bust off caps in four n*ggas/lay low for bout a month, then kill two more niggas,/Now, I'm ready to chill, but you still want me to kill/Damien: Look what I did for you dog, c'mon, keep it real/Aight,fuck it I'll do it, who is it this time?/Damien: Remember that kid Shawn you used to be with in '89/Nah, that's my man/Damien: I thought I was ya' man/But yo, that's my n*gga/Damien: Hey, who's your biggest fan, either do it or give me you right hand, that's what you said/I see now ain't nothing but trouble ahead"

Even though a frightening figure in his own right, DMX had nothing on the maniacal Damien. Dude had X committing more homicides than that crazed Jamaican from Shottas. And rest in peace to Shawn from '89.

"Crime Story"

Homicide #10: "Who is this I see, coming through, it's like 3 on the a.m./I'ma rob this n*gga, when I'm done, I'ma slay him/For being stupid like, coming through after one or two/And having a gun that he couldn't get to, yeah that one will do"

We think it's safe to say that walking after-hours may not be the wisest thing to do in most cases, especially if you live in the inner-city. I wouldn't say the victim in this case deserved what he got, but like Mos Def once said, "certain things you just don't do".

Homicide #11: "Put the harness on the dog, load up the weapons/Murders on my mind, no half-stepping/Motherf*cker's want war, you can get it cause I'm tired of running/Remember me as the n*gga that died gunning/Kamikaze mission, C-4 strapped to the chest/Run up in that joint raw-dog, fuck the vest/They can keep theirs, cause it won't be the slugs that will kill em'/It'll be the raw of the C-4 cause I'm bringing down the building"

Before infamously impersonating a member of law enforcement, DMX once blew up a Harlem police precinct on wax. My only question is, what happened to the dog in the aftermath of all of this? The world will never know.

"Fucking Wit' D"

Homicide #12: "Stuck in the tree is what you will be, like a cat/and I'm the dog at the bottom looking up, now what's that/your worst nightmare cause I take it right there, you got niggas coming,where they at,right where/I'll make em' like yeah, floating away, wouldn't tell me what he was thinking, so I opened away/left him broken away, he knew he hurt when he died/and he wondered, did he lose his shirt before he died?"

Even though Earl just proceeded to take him off the face of this earth, all homie could worry about was that vintage Polo he just copped. Go figure that vanity slaves exist in the afterlife, too.

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