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J. Cole May Or May Not Have A Song Where He Talks About Nas Being Disappointed In Him

By / 05.23.13

When customers go to Best Buy on June 18, the rap section will be filled with other fans all looking to pick up the new releases. There’s Kanye’s next opus, Mac Miller will be there and somewhere in the middle will be J. Cole’s Born Sinner. And, according to Peter Rosenberg, Cole’s got one very interesting track awaiting those who pick up the album.

On Thursday’s version of “The Realness,” the Hot 97 DJ claimed that light-skinned Jermaine has a revealing, personal cut that speaks to him disappointing Nas. According to Rosenberg, Nasir called Cole to express his displeasure once he heard “Workout,” the radio single Cole World.

Knee-jerk reactions:

– If I had Cole’s number, I would’ve called to. If he followed me on Twitter, I definitely would’ve sent him the longest string of DMs once I heard “Power Trip,” the supposed single for Born Sinner. Quoting Peter, God’s Son made the remark “Nah, fam. I expected more from you than this.” Same, Nas. Same shit I thought, too. But…

– …Who the hell is Nas to be disappointed in another artist’s work? Life Is Good was indeed that but the Queensbridge kid has a lot of redemption left to do for a few of those other shit-shows he sold us. Look here, Sincere, put those rocks down, pick up your phone and find a way to get Premo and Pete on board for whatever music project you have coming next.

– Part of me tends to believe this is surely hype meant to fuse energy into the album. Not to discredit Rosenberg in the least, but he’s a wrassling guy. Take that however you want.

– Let’s the record cuts deep and does go personal. Isn’t that what fans and critics want from Cole versus the radio-friendly basura that isn’t bad but just doesn’t meet anyone’s expectations? Which leads me to…

– …My contingency plan: If the album is stale, I’ll be substituting a playlist composed of Truly Yours and Truly Yours 2 instead.

– Dear Roc Nation and Columbia, did you not hear “Cole Summer” (“…Wanted to drop the album in the summer, but the label didn’t they could sell it, Recouped the first week, I think there shit that they can tell us”)? For the umpteenth time, get out of the kitchen and LET COLE COOK.

Listen to Rosenberg tell his tale below.


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