TMZ Wants To Know Which Murder Suspect You'd Rather Bang Because Ugh
Disney's New Star Wars URLs Hint At Expanded Universe And Gungans

5.9 The Cooler

By 05.09.13

Laura Devon

What’s With All the #Hashtag Songs? [Vulture]

Some Friendly Advice For the Newly Freed Ja Rule [Grantland]

Coolest Gym Routine Of All Time [Life Files]

No Chill: The 10 Most Slanderous Kim Kardashian Struggle Dress Pics [Hip-Hop Wired]

Almost Dosn’t Count: Why Mountain Dew Owes Women An Apology [Clutch]

All The Alison Brie ‘Community’ Season 4 GIFs You Can Handle, Tony Randall [UPROXX]

6 New Google Products More Exciting than Glass [College Humor]

Blake Lively’s Cleavage Also Attended The Met Gala [The Superficial]

Movies that Desperately Need Sequels [Unreality]

15 Famous People Who Used to Teach [Mental Floss]

Mom Channels Vanilla Ice [HuffPost Comedy]

A FilmDrunkard’s Encounter with Gary Busey [Film Drunk]

Timbaland Discard Headphones to Invest in Social Media Company [Singersroom]

10 Things You Never Have to Deal with Again After College [Brobible]

FBI Documents Suggest That Feds Read Your Emails Without a Warrant [Gizmodo]

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