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Watch This News Reporter Make A Run For It When Pit Bulls Attack

By / 06.06.13

news reporter pitbull attack

Sometimes, people have to know where their presence isn’t welcome. It’s a lesson a Rhode Island news reporter had to learn the hard way.

Channel 6 News reporter Abbey Niezgoda and a cameraman went to the Providence home of a teen injured during a shooting a family member’s kindergarten graduation party. Niezgoda simply wanted to get a statement from the family when she went to Melissa Lawrence’s home. What they found was that Lawrence wasn’t the least bit welcoming of their presence. She starts out throwing rocks at the news crew, then goes to retrieve a baseball bat and attempts to scare them away.

But, that wasn’t enough for Lawrence or maybe Niezgoda and company weren’t leaving the scene fast enough for her liking. What happened next was totally unexpected as Lawrence lets loose two pit bulls and sics them on the news team. Luckily, the cameraman was on his job and the tape never stops rolling, capturing all of the action – which includes the best mic drop ever as the young reporter tries to scoot away in high heels.

Don’t worry, Niezgoda was treated for for a dog bite on her forearm and survived just fine. Later, Lawrence was arrested and charged with two counts of felony assault.


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