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Clipse Stan Gets Giant Play Cloths Logo Tattooed On Face

By 07.29.13

There’s not much to see here. Just a guy with a Play Cloths’ Running Jack logo tatted on his forehead. No biggie.

On Saturday, Pusha T tweeted and Instagrammed the above image of the stan. “You sir are a king!! Anyone who tells u different is a liar and there mother didn’t want them at birth… @playcloths #PC4LIFE” read the Instagram caption. An accompanying tweet promised blessings: “You my son will be blessed forever… @playcloths #PC4LIFE #IKnowTheFlawsOfAllMyChildrenAndYouArePerfect”

Hopefully, that blessing includes free Play Cloths clothes for life. I’d imagine it would be hard buying clothes with no job thanks to giant brand logos tattooed on your face. But YOLO I guess.

Be right back though. Gotta ask my mom if she wanted me at birth or not. *crosses fingers*


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