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That Funny Taste In Your Subway Sandwich Is Penis. Enjoy!

By / 07.23.13

subway penis story

I had a job-training yesterday in Dublin, Ohio (hometown of our very own Ryan J!), in the ballroom of a Sheraton Hotel. We broke for lunch at around 12:30, and since I’m trying to lay off the worst of the worst fast food (a losing battle), I went looking for a Subway. My iron will melted at the site of a Chipotle though and I ended up making a decision that, at the time, had me feeling full of regret. And carnitas.

That is, until I saw the story about a Subway employee Instagram-ing his d*ck on company bread. In Dublin. At the same Subway I would have inevitably gone to.

The two “Sandwich Artists” – Ian Jett and Cameron Boggs – were employed at the Tuttle Mall store in Dublin, Ohio and decided to share a few of their self-created health violations on Instagram and Twitter. One of the photos shows a person placing his genitals on Subway’s familiar bread loaf. The other shows a bottle of urine which was allegedly frozen “at work.”

/curls up in a ball
//silently weeps

Basically, Chipotle saved my life yesterday. And it’ll be a long-ass time before I set foot in another Subway.

Photos: Huff Post


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