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This Vine Compilation Video Is The Absolute Best Way To Waste Time Today

By 08.09.13

vine_videos 2013

Nothing productive actually happens work-wise on Fridays. It’s the American way. By end of the day Thursday, I clock out mentally and prepare to coast my way into the weekend.

Therefore, feel free to join in this “f*ck you Friday” event and watch this compilation of some of the best Vine videos the web has to offer. In fact, there’s over 11 minutes of six-second Vine clips gathered here. Hard to imagine, right? Why are you imagining, the video’s right there for you to watch. Click play and see!

Thank YouTube user Eric S for this offering and a digital dap goes to Gizmodo’s Ashley Feinberg for the find.

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* — There’s no cousin Terrio, which almost makes this video “not the best of.” Cousin Terrio is Vine.


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