Audiophiles Rejoice: Plugged Inc.’s Headphones Get It Right

By: 08.22.13  •  32 Comments

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Music is a huge part of our lives here at TSS, and yours too. Whether you have earbuds in while you work, or headphones on while you’re taking your daily stroll, tunes are going to be connected to you somehow. And much like your technical device, you like your earphones to make a statement of your individuality. Well, recently, we’ve come across a stellar set of headphones.

Plugged Inc. is a startup based out of New York, NY, and they’ve engineered something special. The two variations Martian and True Blue, known as the Crown Series, are a solid set of phones that have a brilliantly colorful look. Whether you prefer the daring red and black or the ultra-cool blue and white, you’ll probably have a hard time choosing between the two, and which Jordan III’s you will rock with them. The shell is made from glossy, sturdy polycarbonate, which is scratch and UV resistant. The ear cups are wrapped in luxurious leather, with soft padding all around for actual comfort.


The Crown Series goes all out in the technical area, and this is where they really shine. As with more expensive mid-range priced ($100-300) headsets, you get intense sensitivity (110 dB), decent frequency range (20hz – 20kHz), and a detachable, gold plated cable with track control and a mic. But the Crown Series will only cost you $99.99. The gem of this set is Plugged Inc.’s custom dual driver system. The 40mm + 15mm speakers add a bold touch, giving your audio a highly fulfilling presentation and crisp blend of highs, mids, and lows. No sloppy bass or hollow treble. This is vital when your music tastes range from production-rich Hip-Hop to heavy layered ’70s Rock and Roll.

You’ve been flooded with countless headphone manufacturers trying to sell you underwhelming crap or overpriced hunks of plastic. Seldom do we come across a set of cans that fulfill our desires in having excellent clarity, depth, balanced bass and treble, comfort, durability, and style. But now, thanks to Plugged Inc. and their exquisite debut headphones, we’ll get to witness near-perfection as close as we mortals will get.

For additional info and tech specs, visit the official Plugged Inc. website.

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