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100-Word Review: Goodie Mob’s ‘Age Against the Machine’

By 09.24.13


Words by Preezy Da Kid

One monkey may not stop the show, but it can sure alter a listening experience. This is evident as Cee-Lo Green rejoins his brothers in rhyme with Goodie Mob’s latest, Age Against The Machine. Life as an American darling has not made Cee-Lo lyrically faint of heart, judging from racy performances on “Valleujah” and “Nexperience,” but his influence tends to dominate the project at times.

A few tracks are campy and would’ve been better served on the cutting room floor (“Come As You Are,” “Amy”), but overall Age Against The Machine proves that, albeit with a few tweaks in their approach that may alienate longtime fans, Goodie Mob is far from over-the-hill.

Standout Songs: “I’m Set,” “Pinstripes,” “Special Education”

Songs to Skip: “Ghost Of Gloria Goodchild,” “Come As You Are,” “Amy”

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