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#PrayForGuwop: Gucci Mane Magically Reappears On Twitter, Apologizes Profusely Then Announces Plan To Enter Rehab

By / 09.22.13

gucci mane trap god

Remember Gucci Mane’s hilarious, venom-filled Twitter rant from a few weeks ago? You know, the one that preceded his arrest last weekend for possession of a gun and marijuana and ended up leaving him locked up again? Yeah, well, somehow Guwop (or his publicist) decided to reopen his Twitter account to go through a cathartic, come to Jesus moment where the embattled rapper apologized to all parties he previously disparaged plus admitted how long-term drug abuse precipitated his downfall.

In a series of tweets, Gucci reveals that he’s currently locked up and will be going to rehab after admitting that he’s been “drinking lean for 10plus years [sic].” He goes on to apologize to a number of people – Drake, Birdman, Keyshia Dior and Rick Ross – but didn’t include Nicki Minaj or Waka Flocka, so go figure. He didn’t say sorry to any of the Brick Squad guys or Waka’s mom, Ms. Deb, but maybe he’s decided to be more personal with them and send out Hallmarks. Gucci also asks fans to pray for him and makes sure to mention that he’s got new material on the way because any and every moment in the public eye is ripe for self-promotion.

I don’t have a problem believing that Gucci could very well be tweeting from jail. The part of these messages that’s questionable is how grammatically correct they are. The spelling’s correct, the punctuation’s there and even the typos look strategic, like whoever typed them up wants us to really believe the notes are from Guwop.

Still, if this is Gucci’s apology and admission, we’ll accept them at face value and hope he gets the help he needs.

Gucci Mane Twitter Apologizes 1

Gucci Mane Twitter Apologizes 2

Gucci Mane twitter apologizes 3

Gucci mane twitter apologizes 4

gucci mane twitter apologizes 9

gucci mane twitter apologizes 10

Gucci Mane Twitter Apologizes 11

Gucci Mane Twitter apologizes 12

Gucci Mane twitter apologizes last

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