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By 09.18.13

Cleveland Browns v Detroit Lions 8-15-2013

My Irish grandfather, who’s 75, has lived in Northeast Ohio for at least the past 55 years, married to my grandmother. He’s not originally from the area. He grew up around the state, mainly in Southern Ohio because my great-grandfather was a newspaper man, but he’s lived in Northeast Ohio (Canton) for long enough that he’s adopted it as where he’s from.

He’s also the reason why I’m a Cleveland sports fan. So I called him on Sunday afternoon because I hadn’t spoken with him and my grandmother in a couple of weeks. I asked him how he was doing. He responded back that a neighbor he was close with down the street just passed away. He then followed that up by saying the Browns lost.

The only thing I could reply with was that I made breakfast and was doing laundry.

This story has no point except that I found it oddly appropriate that he mentioned that a) someone died and then followed it with b) the Browns lost.

That’s what it’s like to be a Browns fan.

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