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Worst Twerk Fail Ever Leaves Girl On Fire

By 09.06.13

Do not attempt to do a dance move that’s “typically associated with lower-income African-American women” if you’re not a lower-income African-American woman. Or else you’ll f*ck around and set yourself on fire.

A video of a twerker with sh*tty taste in music is making the Internet rounds. In the LMAO-worthy video, we see a “dancer” trying to sexy it up with some awkward dance moves to horrible ass-shaking song. Confident in her skills and having no worries about the candles and highly flammable drinks littering a close-by table, the twerker decides to p*ssy pop on a handstand.

The result? Exactly what you would expect from shenanigans involving fire and a glass table.

Sorry, Miley but this girl just snatched your “worst twerk fail ever” title.

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