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Cam’ron Talks Jay Z Beef, Mase, Dipset Album, ‘Killa Season 2′ & More With The Breakfast Club

By / 10.11.13

Cam’ron finally woke up early enough to sit down with The Breakfast Club this morning and the HNIC of the only movement that was moving in the early to mid 2000s talked everything including the Jay Z beef/non-beef, Mase, trendsetting, his movie deals and a whole lot more.

Just a few excerpts from the 50-minute interview. Also, anyone looking for an untapped trend to hop on this winter, the Harlem trendsetter announced that capes will be poppin’ for the colder months. “Fly capes.” No “the Count from Sesame Street” joints. So yeah, adjust accordingly!

On Jay Z beef/non-beef:

“I think he got something against us a little bit. Like you can’t play our music at the 40/40 Club. Like, what kind of hate is that?

“I’d see Jay at the studio and be like ‘let’s do a song, let’s do this’ and he’ll just look at me like (nods). Just like that, namsayin? And I’m like ‘alright!’ And we just started heating up. He put himself on a couple of records but I just wasn’t feeling what he did so I took him off the song. I wasn’t feeling the verse (“Oh Boy”). I’m not dissing him. I like Jay’s music. He’s dope or whatever but I just wasn’t feeling the verse. I’m not gonna lie about it.


“I just know when we (Dipset) first got there, we tried to be cool and… you know. It’s only but so long you could try and be cool with somebody and they giving you their ass to kiss.”

On his current relationship with Mase:

“I haven’t spoken with Mase in about three or four years. I don’t know. Mase be just up and down. He’ll be like… he’ll do the church thing and then you’ll go on his Instagram and he’ll be like “Eff…” He tougher than leather. It just makes me real finicky. That’s my man. He just made it like a 180 on niggas.”

On a new Dipset album:

“We do about 10 shows a year together. Just basically… the timing. Everybody’s doing something and it wouldn’t be genuine. We could all go to the studio for two or three days and give y’all an album but not genuine. Like with the Diplomat movement, you watched some guys or some kids grow from not really having too much to being really successful. So a lot of our fans grew with us. So if we can’t sit down for a month or so – not saying everyday – and get it right… it would be fake and nobody wanna give y’all fake music.

On the possibility of doing a reality show:

“I’ve been offered all kinds of money, man. I turned everything down. The only company I haven’t sat down with is 51 Minds. They based out of L.A. They did the T.I. & Tiny show. They did The Game. But Mona (Scott) called me. Couples Therapy called me like ‘yo, we’ll give you $300,000.’ I don’t really need therapy but they were more or less trying to… They basically give everybody $75,000 per season and they were willing to go up $300,000 and I was like ‘I really don’t need the money. I’m fine. We don’t really need therapy.’

“I’m not totally crossing out 51 Minds cause, you know, speaking with some people… I spoke with Jason Geter who works with T.I., I spoke to La La and everybody is kinda giving them praise and we had some great conversations so I’m not x-ing them out the picture. But like Love & Hip Hop is not happening. No Couples Therapy. Nothing like that.”

On a Dipset biographical movie:

“I’m actually thinking about doing something like that. I was talking to somebody the other day about the N.W.A movie now and I was like ‘yo’ a lot of kids might not get it. I would love to see it. I can’t wait for it to come out. I’m a big N.W.A fan. But I was saying we better do a movie about Diplomats now before you wait another 10 years and it won’t be relevant and people be like ‘hey, what’s going on?’ We all know but the younger generation might not. So I’m working on that also now, too.”

On Killa Season 2:

“With the Netflix deal, it’s a certain amount of movies we could put out per year. And it’s like a three or four year deal. What I’m doing now is… being that I got my own cameras, my own films and prop guns.. I’m shooting a series called First Of The Month because so many people are like ‘Ayo when Killa Season 2 coming out?’ And to shoot six episodes – 30-minute episodes – would cost me the same amount of money it does to shoot a movie.

So what I’m doing now is I’m gonna put out 20-25-minute episodes every month, on the first of the month, and put out music with it, five or six songs every month from January to June. And if it pans out good, we’ll continue to do that so you don’t have to worry about ‘when’s the next movie?’ or ‘when you putting out some next music?’ So from January to June, we’ll see how this project works out.”


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