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Tyler, The Creator Directed This “Glowing” Video For An Anonymous Artist

By 10.30.13

tyler the creator glowing video

Leave it to Tyler, The Creator, operating under his Wolf Haley pseudonym, to direct a video like “Glowing.” Billed as a song by an anonymous artist*, there’s no rap to be found; just some hippie-dippie song, echoing the love that floated around in the decades before either Tyler or I was born. Trust, love, and the chronicling of a relationship are the star of the video, interspersed by pain, suffering, and all that is unfair and unjust in the world.

Like I said initially, leave it to Tyler to be the brains behind a concept like this.

* — Currently, the artist is listed as “Glowing” on iTunes but the press release says that whoever it is currently is signed to Harvest Records.

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