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2 Chainz – “Fork” Video

By 11.11.13

Words by Bansky

When you go into a 2 Chainz song, just like with any other artist, I think you need to know exactly what you’re listening for. If you’re here to here cypher ready bars and expert emceeing, well you’re in the wrong place. If that’s what you came for bars like “Do it big like a 5x” aren’t going to be fun. You’ll tweet mean things and turn your boom bap back up and move on.

Good for me, I didn’t come here for that. I came here for another booming Mike Will Made it trap beat, some shit talking about Versace, jewelry, money, and trapping, and with “Fork,” that is exactly what I got. Sometimes the best thing for an artist to do is stay in their lane, and Tity Boy seems to have figured this out, as the video remains uniquely, him.

Oh, and his momma too, she shows up for a quick second.

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