'The Daily Show' Had A Field Day With Crack-Smoking, P*ssy-Eating Mayo...
MLB Made WWE Championships For The 2013 Cy Young Winners

11.15 The Cooler

By 11.15.13

Tatted Up Holly

Stephanie Hollywood

The Coach Who Never Punts [Grantland]

T-Pain To Magazine: “I Changed Music Completely!” [Urban Daily]

Andy Kaufman’s ‘Daughter’ Likely A Hoax [USA Today]

FYI: Richie Incognito Of The Miami Dolphins Isn’t “Honorary Black” [Guardian]

6 Things The Film Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know About [FSR]

This Bag Will Only Make Sense If You See The .GIF… [Crosby Press]

Swizz Beatz Visits Banksy’s Bronx Tag During Artist’s Residency [Revolt]

Burn Rubber x New Balance 577: Detroit’s Fighting Spirit [Sneaker News]

Pippi Longstocking Has A Sex Tape? [Peeperz]

The 13 Greatest Ol’ Dirty Bastard Moments [Hip-Hop Wired]

Groomsman Does The Rock’s People’s Elbow As Wedding Entrance [Giant]

Hot Water Vs. Cold Water In Bongs [THC Finder]

The Pizza Cleanse: Eating Only Pizza For Five Days Straight [Thrillist]

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