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PREZSPORT (El Prez + Jansport J) – Urban $treet Americana

By 11.25.13


Individually, El Prez and Jansport J have bubbling over for some time now. And when the two West Coasters joined forces as PREZSPORT the combined whole was greater than the sum of the separate pieces.

Urban $treet Americana is one of the most unique projects to be released this year and the fluid chemistry between these two is immediately apparent. Jansport J’s production is funky, and smooth. And El Prez shines over them. He sounds comfortable, and confident, especially on songs like “IFYA” and “Hard Boiled.” Features include more LA residents, Glasses Malone, Raven Sorvino and among others.

U$A will wind up being one the more eclectic albums you’ll hear these days, so stream or download below.


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